Our School Story

École Élementaire James Whiteside Elementary School, is a vibrant school community with approximately 400 students. We offer three programs - English, Early French Immersion, and Late French Immersion, supporting a wide variety of learning options. Our well-established music and band programs allow for students to develop their skills in both singing and playing instruments. On site, we have three garden beds which are used as a tool for teaching agriculture through the seasons, and as the school backs onto South Arm Park, there are many opportunities for teachers to use nature as a learning tool. 

Due to the Late French Immersion Program which begins in grade 6, we have a large number of students in grades 6 and 7, which provides the opportunity for strong leadership development. In early October, teachers run 3 days of leadership training for these students, who then take on a number of important roles at the school.

 As a staff we recognize the importance of beginning the school year with a shared understanding of what is necessary for Whiteside to be a positive, exciting place to learn and grow. Teachers and students spent the first school week in September collaborating, in activities with a focus on social responsibility and developing a growth mindset.

Our school story is a living document that will grow and change through time. It began with a group of teachers questioning our students’ ability to really understand themselves as learners…

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