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Spring-ing into Action

This spring our Wolfpack and their teachers are hard at work to show what they know.

Throughout the spring, our classroom and resource teachers provide opportunities for our students to showcase their reading through a variety of different ways:

  • Book clubs
  • Literature circles
  • Novel spheres
  • Guided Reading
  • Noisy reading
  • Shared reading/writing
  • Reading assessments

In one EFI K/1 class, the students and teacher embraced reading, writing, and music to help build reading comprehension, creative writing, and oral language skills. The children made “shoebox guitars”, wrote a song in a shared writing activity, and sang as a class. Then it was the students’ turn to write, read, and sing their own stories.

In other primary classes, they have family reading bags, weekly poems, book bags, and sounds of the week. Each of these fun activities helps students build their reading fluency and comprehension. We appreciate all the support we have from families at home too!

Way to go, Wolfpack!

Updated: Thursday, May 16, 2024