Our Staff

Name Position Division Grade/Dept.
Ms. R Corneil Principal Administration
Ms. S Grant Vice Principal Administration
Ms. S Huh Senior Administrative Assistant Office
Ms. P Gibson Administrative Assistant Office
Mme J Annonier Classroom Teacher 1 Grade 7 LFI
M. J Ho Classroom Teacher 1 Grade 7 LFI
Mr. J McCuaig Classroom Teacher 2 Grade 6/7
Mme M Howells Classroom Teacher 3 Grade 6/7 EFI
Ms. J Randhawa Classroom Teacher 4 Grade 6/7
M. J Pelletier Classroom Teacher 5 Grade 6 LFI
Mme S Hayward Classroom Teacher 6 Grade 5/6 EFI
Mme D Valentino Classroom Teacher 7 Grade 4/5 EFI
Ms. V Fung Classroom Teacher 8 Grade 4/5
Ms. A Yoshimaru Classroom Teacher 9 Grade 3/4
Mme A Swordy Classroom Teacher 10 Grade 3/4 EFI
Ms. R Trahey Classroom Teacher 11 Grade 2/3
Mme S Kunc Classroom Teacher 12 Grade 2/3 EFI
Mme S Robie Classroom Teacher 13 Grade 2 EFI
Mme J Dennill Classroom Teacher 13 Grade 2 EFI
Mr. M Gomez Classroom Teacher 14 Grade 1/2
Mme C Yuan Classroom Teacher 15 Grade 1 EFI
Mme L Evans Classroom Teacher 16 Grade K/1 EFI
Mrs. C O'Neill Classroom Teacher 17 Kindergarten
Mme S Bengall Classroom Teacher 18 Kindergarten EFI
Mrs. J Kawas Teacher Librarian Library Learning Commons
Ms. L Tsougrianis Teacher Librarian Library Learning Commons
Ms. N Lozovsky-Burns Band and Music Teacher
Mr. A Guimond Learning Resource Teacher
Ms. D Johnson Learning Resource Teacher
Mrs. A Lackner Learning Resource Teacher
Ms. S Mah Learning Resource Teacher
Ms. G Welford Learning Resource Teacher
Ms. O Tolfo Counsellor
Ms. F Kowall Speech and Language
Ms. M Dadural SWIS Worker
Ms. N Stogan Aboriginal Support Worker
Ms. J Davies Educational Assistant
Ms. K Davies Educational Assistant
Ms. T Kostopoulos Educational Assistant
Ms. M Mascarina Educational Assistant
Ms. S Rozanc Educational Assistant
Mr. D Wang Educational Assistant
Ms. C Badock Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. C Cheng Noon Hour Supervisor
TBD Noon Hour Supervisor
Ms. G Shergill Custodian
Ms. N Arano Custodian
Mr. E Aggasid Custodian