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Spring Reading Assessments

As part of our ongoing exploration of reading comprehension at Whiteside, we are completing our spring assessments. In the fall, our school used the District Assessment of Reading Team (DART) to assess reading fluency and comprehension. Now that it is spring, our teachers and students are taking time to reassess their reading skills. After a great year of reading intervention, new instructional strategies, and fun reading activities, we are excited to see the results. Once the data is collected and collated, we will post the results in our School Story – Evidence section.


This data not only shows where we’ve come from but also where we go next. In the fall, we will use this data, in collaboration with our fall data, to target intervention in areas that need more support or focus. We will also use this evidence to guide our professional learning and instructional strategies next year.

Updated: Thursday, May 16, 2024