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Spring Reading Assessments 2024

Last year, Whiteside embarked on a journey to improve literacy achievement. Initially, we conducted spring reading screeners to assess students' word recognition abilities. Additionally, our grade 4 and grade 7 students participated in provincial reading assessments.


This year, we have taken a more comprehensive approach to our reading assessments. We evaluated not only the students' ability to read words correctly but also their comprehension skills. Each student read with their teacher and answered questions about the text to gauge their understanding. These assessments were carried out during the fall and spring. They were consistently administered in both French and English.


Our provincial results:

  • After a decline in our provincial literacy assessment scores, most recently we see an increase in our intermediate (grade 4-7) literacy skills. Currently, 81% of our intermediate students, that took the assessment, are on track or extending in their literacy skills.


Our local results:

  • Primary (kindergarten to grade 3) literacy results:
    • 44% of students are at an emerging or developing level.
    • 56% are at a proficient or extending level.
    • Our reading comprehension skills improved by 167% from the fall.
Primary Spring Reading Results
  • Grade 3-5 literacy results:
    • 60% of students are at an emerging or developing level.
    • 40% of students are at a proficient or extending level.
    • This is a 138% growth from our fall assessments
Mid Grades Spring Reading Results
  • Grade 5-7 literacy results:
    • 42% of students are at an emerging and developing level.
    • 58% of students are at a proficient or extending level.
    • This is an increase of 29% from the fall
Intermediate Spring Reading Results

As a result of our spring reading assessments, our teachers will continue successful literacy routines that support building reading comprehension skills among our Wolfpack.

Based on our most recent reading assessments and teacher reflection surveys, our next steps to improve literacy instruction and practice at Whiteside are:

  • Continue to narrow our focus on building specific reading comprehension strategies,
  • Intensive literacy intervention programs with our Learning Resource Teachers
  • Increased professional learning opportunities for teachers and staff,
  • Collaboration time for our teachers with our district teacher consultant,
  • Working in classroom teams of Learning Resource Teachers and Classroom Teachers to design lessons to provide literacy opportunities for all learners,
  • Increased learning resource spending to update and improve literacy resources in each classroom.
Updated: Wednesday, July 3, 2024