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Spring Scan - Reading Comprehension strategies in the intermediate grades

In the spring, we surveyed two intermediate classes to investigate which reading comprehension strategies they were regularly using. The survey included a series of short answer questions about their favourite book and the reasons behind their choice. We also asked them to identify the reading comprehension strategies they typically use to understand what they have read. We discovered that the students in the Wolfpack love reading, and their written responses about why certain books were their favourites were varied and introspective. 


Students could choose between the following reading comprehension strategies:

  • I make picture in my head
  • I can retell the story to myself, a friend, a family  member, or my teacher
  • I make connection to things in my life
  • I can predict what will happen next
  • I think about how this story is the same as something else I have read or watched

The most common reading comprehension strategy mentioned was "I make pictures in my head," with 42 out of 45 surveys. All other strategies were identified by 17 out of 45 or fewer students. We found delight in the comprehensions strategies that students wrote in:


"When I read, I always think of an image in my mind so I can understand better."

"I make mini movies in my head."

"I think predicting what is gonna happens next is a good way for me to better understand the book."



Updated: Thursday, June 27, 2024