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Whiteside Newsletter #18 - January 20, 2023

Happy Lunar New Year!


Lunar New Year is Sunday, January 22nd. We want to wish all of our families who celebrate Lunar New Year a happy and prosperous year ahead.


We were excited to welcome Kung Jaadee to share Squamish Stories with all our students! Throughout the winter, our students will be heading to Minoru for buddy skating. Thank you to PAC, Ms. Huh, and our teachers for this great winter adventure.


Family Literacy Week is coming up from January 22 - 29! This year’s theme is “Make it count! Play * Sort * Measure.” Numeracy is everywhere. Number literacy is an important aspect of our learning world. Math talk helps your child connect math with daily activities. Children start using math the moment they start exploring the world. Sorting, counting and measuring are ways of playing with math. Talking about math with children helps build a positive attitude towards math.


The provincial Family Literacy Day is January 27th. The theme for Literacy Day is “Celebrate your Heritage”. Canada is a great diverse country full of different cultures. Take time to explore and learn about your heritage. Celebrate what you’ve found and share your culture with others. There’s no better way to learn about your family, than together as a family.


To celebrate Family Literacy Week, Whiteside will have an afternoon of Flashlight reading and buddy activities on Friday, January 27th. We hope you will engage in some


Have a wonderful weekend with your family!



Today (Friday, January 20th) Ms. Beck, Mme. Kunc, and Mme. Yuan moved into their new classrooms. As construction continues, our drop off/pick up locations may change. Your teachers will connect with you about these changes. Please reach out to them if you have any questions.



Please help keep our students safe by using the drop off zone for picking up and dropping off students only.  Please do not leave your car unattended in the drop off zone or park in staff parking spots; if you need to come into the school, please park in a parking space closer to South Arm Community Centre.  When walking to school, please use the designated paths south and adjacent to the driveway as you enter the school grounds. Please follow arrows to keep our students safe and keep our parking lot accident free.


Please remember the east parking lot is for school and construction staff only. Please do not park or drop off children in this area.



Each year the Ministry of Education asks parents, grade 4&7 students, and school staff to complete a learning survey. Please take a little time to visit

to share your thoughts and ideas. Your opinions will help guide the future of education in BC. 



The next PAC Hot Lunch Day will be Yummy Slice Pizza on Friday, January 27th.  Please see the attached flyer from PAC for more information.  

Make sure to order and pay on Munch-a-Lunch no later than TODAY, Friday, January 20th:

Please remember to send your child with a recess snack on hot lunch days.



Notices of intent to attend were due on Friday, January 20th. If you have not returned them already, please submit your notice of intent to attend to your child’s classroom teacher or the office as soon as possible. Thank you.



Basketball is back at Whiteside! Mr. Pelletier is our girls’ team coach. Mme. Howells and Mr. McCuaig are coaching our Grade 7 boys’ team. Mme. Navin and Mr. Cameron are coaching our Grade 6 boys’ team. Thank you to our coaches and athletes for a great start to our season!

Girls’ team practices are: Monday at lunch and Wednesday after school.

Gr. 7 boys’ team practices are: Tuesday after school and Wednesday at lunch.

Gr. 6 boys’ team practices are: Monday after school and Thursday at lunch.

Our game schedule:

Jan 25th - Maple Lane Girls @ Whiteside

Jan 26th - Whiteside Gr. 7 Boys @ Maple Lane

Feb 2nd – Bridge Boys @ Whiteside Gr. 7 Boys

Feb 2nd – Whiteside Girls @ Bridge

Feb 9th - Whiteside Girls @ Maple Lane

Feb 9th - Maple Lane Boys @ Whiteside Gr. 7 Boys

Grade 6 boys’ team games will be scheduled shortly



Richmond School District 38 is excited to welcome kindergarten registration applications for children born in 2018, turning 5 in 2023. These children will begin kindergarten in September 2023. Online registration opens on November 1st, 2022. Please visit our website for more information about our online registration process, required documents, important dates, and FAQs.



  • Please remember that all students will be going outside for recess and lunch, except in extreme weather conditions. 
  • Physical activity has a positive impact on learning.
  • If kids are well prepared to be outside in the rain, they really enjoy it. If they stay dry and warm there is a great deal of fun to be had in all kinds of weather. To be prepared to be outside in the rain it is important for your child to have appropriate clothing such as:
    • A rain jacket
    • Rubber boots
    • Rain pants
    • An umbrella
    • A rain hat or coat with a hood
    • *A change of clothes to be kept at school (sweatpants, underwear, socks, t-shirt, etc.)
    • When students use their change of clothes, please send another set to school for the next time.



In the interest of safety, everyone entering the school must check in at the office. Classrooms are busy learning places and we try not to interrupt them during instructional time.  If you need to see your child, leave them a message, or drop off a lunch, our office staff will happily take care of that for you.  As well, it is difficult at the end or beginning of the school day for our office staff to have in-depth discussions with parents.  Making appointments either by phone or in person is preferable. Thank you for your support!


Coming Soon:

Jan. 24              Spirit Assembly

Jan. 27              Hot lunch - Pizza

Jan. 30              Pro-D

Feb. 17             Pro-D

Feb. 20             Family Day

March 9            Report cards posted     

March 10          Last day before Spring Break

March 27          Whiteside re-opens

April 7              Good Friday – school closed

April 4-6           Striker Gr. 7 Bball tournament

April 10 Easter Monday – school closed

April 24-26        Gr. 6/7 camp

May 17 Welcome to Kindergarten

May 19 Pro-D

May 22 Victoria Day – school closed     

May 23 McRoberts Gr. 7 day

May 25 Spring Fair

June 13 K/1 and 6/7 Immunization

June 16 Sports Day

June 23 Gr 7 Farewell

June 29 Last day for students



We wish you all a wonderful weekend!


~Whiteside Elementary





Updated: Tuesday, April 18, 2023