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Whiteside Newsletter #15 - December 16, 2022

Happy Holidays Whiteside Families!


Thank you for all your kindness and generosity this week. The greatest gift that our community gives us is the opportunity to teach and care for your children. We are truly grateful for the students we have at Whiteside.


This week our Wolfpack had fun with our amazing musical, A Party in a Pear Tree, hot lunch, sweater day, a movie afternoon, report cards, a wonderful staff luncheon (thank you!) and our staff vs students volleyball game.


Thank you to Ms. LB, Ms. Johnson, our student leaders and all our performers for an amazing performance of A Party in a Pear Tree this week. The songs, costumes, and crowd were awesome. Thank you for joining us!


Whether you celebrate ChristmasKwanza, Chanukah, or just time with your family at this time of year, we hope you savour the season. There are many exciting events coming to our city this month. Visit or to see what might interest you or your family.


During the winter break, we hope that your families enjoy the peace, relaxation, connections, and magic this holiday season can bring. We wish you a wonderful winter break and a happy new year!


See you on Tuesday, January 3rd!



Our report cards this year were posted on the MyEdBC parent portal after school on Thursday, December 15th. We encourage our parent community to log on and review your child’s fall report card. Core Competency reflections will be sent home or posted on your child’s SD38 portfolio. We hope you and your children enjoy a conversation about their learning together.



Richmond School District 38 is excited to welcome kindergarten registration applications for children born in 2018, turning 5 in 2023. These children will begin kindergarten in September 2023. Online registration opens on November 1st, 2022. Please visit our website for more information about our online registration process, required documents, important dates, and FAQs.



Whiteside students in grades 4-7 participated in the Beaver Computing Challenge this fall. 15 grade 4/5/6 students participated. One of our amazing Wolfpack achieved a perfect score. 15 grade 7 students participated and 3 students achieved near-perfect scores. Students volunteered to participate in this extracurricular math event. We are proud of all our Wolfpack for trying their best and joining the BCC! We would also like to share a BIG thank you to Mme Welford for sharing, organizing, and running the contest! Well done, Wolfpack!

The BCC is a problem-solving contest with a focus on computational and logical thinking. Questions are inspired by topics in computer science but only require comfort with concepts found in mathematics curriculum common to all provinces. 

Participating in a mathematics and computing contest helps students develop invaluable skills, like creative problem-solving and big-picture thinking.

CEMC contests can help students:

  • discover and grow a love of mathematics and computer science,
  • apply knowledge in novel situations, and
  • make connections across topics in mathematics and computing.

And because CEMC contests are challenging but attainable activities for young learners, they also build students' confidence in their ability to tackle difficult problems — a key ingredient for student success both inside and outside the classroom.



During recess and lunchtime breaks, students are expected to be outside at all times this year.  Students are strongly encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather. You may also send a change of clothes to school just in case your child gets wet. Playing outside will ensure our students get some fresh air and exercise to enliven their day.



Please help keep our students safe by using the drop off zone for picking up and dropping off students only.  Please do not leave your car unattended in the drop off zone; if you need to come into the school, please park in a designated parking space.  When walking to school, please use the designated paths south and adjacent to the driveway as you enter the school grounds. Please follow arrows to keep our students safe and keep our parking lot accident free.


Please remember the east parking lot is for school and construction staff only. Please do not park or drop off children in this area.



In the interest of safety, everyone entering the school must check in at the office. Classrooms are busy learning places and we try not to interrupt them during instructional time.  If you need to see your child, leave them a message, or drop off a lunch, our office staff will happily take care of that for you.  As well, it is difficult at the end or beginning of the school day for our office staff to have in-depth discussions with parents.  Making appointments either by phone or in person is preferable. Thank you for your support!


Coming Soon:

Jan. 3               Whiteside re-opens

Jan. 19             Kung Jaadee performance

Jan. 30             Pro-D

Feb. 17            Pro-D

Feb. 20            Family Day

March 10        Last day before Spring Break

March 27        Whiteside re-opens

April 7             Good Friday – school closed

April 10           Easter Monday – school closed

April 24-26      Gr. 6/7 camp

May 17            Welcome to Kindergarten

May 19            Pro-D

May 22            Victoria Day – school closed  

June 13            K/1 and 6/7 Immunization

June 16            Sports Day

June 24            Gr 7 Farewell

June 29            Last day for students



We wish you all a wonderful winter break!


~Whiteside Elementary




Updated: Tuesday, April 18, 2023