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Rescanning for the Future

This is a year of rebuilding and transformation at Whiteside. Physically, our school is undergoing tremendous work to create a safe and refreshed environment. Our teachers and staff also reflect this transformation. We welcomed many new staff members to Whiteside this year. As always, our newest members of our Wolfpack were welcomed into Kindergarten classes and our grade 6 LFI (late French immersion) program. With so much rejuvenation, Whiteside believes this is an optimal time for a school-wide exploration of the strengths and needs of our community.


To begin this process, our teaching staff joined in learning surveys, class conversations, and school-wide activities with their students about the connections they have within our community and with their learning. Students from kindergarten to grade seven, were able to name two caring adults and the ways that trusted adults show care towards children at school. Our Wolfpack were also able to name friends and the characteristics of positive friendship. Our initial surveys highlighted the strong connection our students, staff, and families feel at Whiteside. We look forward to embracing this sense of belonging through a wide range of community events, school projects, leadership opportunities, and much more!

Updated: Monday, January 30, 2023