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Coming Together - executing our plans

While staff made a big effort to stay connected by doing things like meeting virtually, getting outside, setting up pen pals, and having intramural sports, after Spring Break we were able to have so many opportunities to connect in more meaningful ways by planning activities and events in person again. We held track attack, attended a Track Meet at Minoru, hosted sports day, had a dance club, played basketball against other schools, went on countless multi-class field trips, and  had a big Grade 7 farewell celebration. It FINALLY felt like we were part of a community again thanks to staff and parents pitching in to make things happen, often with not a lot of time to plan! Sports Day was a highlight as it was the first time in years that do many families were able to come join us and it was very meaningful for all involved.

The images below show the planning process and the day of Sports Day and Track and Field.

Updated: Monday, July 4, 2022