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Building Community — Planning connection

In the fall, after deciding on a new focus, we began brainstorming ways that we could come together as a school in small groups to begin the process of reconnecting — family teams, sporting events, performances, etc. Unfortunately, many of our plans were put on hold after new restrictions and once again, it was time to pivot. Throughout the winter restrictions, we did our best to find ways to continue connecting virtually and in small groups with pen pals, Zoomblies, outdoor events, virtual concerts, field trips, and diversity club.

We have also been doing themed runs with other classes as well. This was done to encourage relationships with students from other classes.

We've also been pen pals with another 4/5 class.

Having buddy class time outside has been fun!

Finally, in April, it was time to make new plans — for real this time! Once again, we brainstormed the ways that we could gather and begin to engage in more activities that helped us socialize, connect, and learn to work with others so that we could foster a sense of belonging and  community that our students and staff very much needed.

These are the ideas that we set out to execute, in teachers' words:

I will be hosting the K-Pop Dance Team for grade 6/7s from April - June

Meet in school teams for the sake of community building and in preparation for some sort of sports day event?

More sports, scrimmages for teams, hoping to participate in clubs.

Track Attack and the Track and Field Meet in April and May.

Updated: Thursday, June 23, 2022