School Hours

[To be revised]

Bell Schedule: 
8:30     Entrance bell 
8:40     Warning bell 
8:45     Instruction begins 
9:55     Recess begins 
10:10   Recess ends - instruction begins
12:00   Lunch begins 
12:47     Lunch bell to signal end of lunch
12:52     Afternoon instruction begins 
2:45       End of day 

Entrance Procedures
Doors open at 8:30 am daily.  When entering the building, students are asked to go to their classroom and behave responsibly until classes start (sitting quietly, doing homework, playing quiet games, reading, etc.)  Classes start promptly at 8:45 am each day.  When students are involved in activities that begin before 8:45 am, students are to arrive in school at the designated time and go directly to the activity location (not go into unsupervised classrooms to drop off their books, etc.)

Attendance and Tardiness
Regular school attendance and punctuality is a very important factor in the success of your child.  If your child will be absent, call the early warning phone number (604-668-6154) and leave a message.  Your cooperation is necessary to make this system operate successfully.
Please advise your child’s teacher ahead of time if your child will be absent for an extended period of time.  A note from home is required for all absences.  If your child must leave school early, written permission from a parent or guardian is required.  Students must never leave the school grounds without first notifying their teacher or the school office.  

Recess and Lunch Hour Breaks
Weather permitting, students go outside for recess breaks, and at 12:00 pm after eating their lunches. If it is raining heavily outside, all students are expected to remain inside to play cooperative games, use centers, finish their work, etc.   Recess supervision is provided by three staff members, while supervision during the lunch hour is provided by three noon hour supervisors.  Students are not permitted to go off the school grounds on their breaks without a note from a parent or guardian.   Noon hour extracurricular activities are held on a prescheduled basis.  
If you need to deliver lunch to your child, you may drop it at the shelf outside the office. Please be sure their name and division is clearly marked.