Photo Retake Day - November 13th

Photo Retake Day is Friday, November 13th! 

Transitional Learners are welcomed to come to school starting at 8:30 AM for retakes (and new photos if you were not able to make it on October 16th).  The photographer will be set up in the gym. Transitional Learners can enter and exit through the gym doors, maintaining physical distancing guidelines.  There is plenty of space for any line-up to extend from the gym all the way to South Arm Pool with 2 metre distancing.  So long as your children are in line by 8:30 AM, the photographer will take their photos. 

Once the Transitional Learners are done, the photographer will start with the in-school students, who will be called down by Division.  As the teachers do not know who is getting (re)photographed, please make it clear to your child if you want a retake.  Once the photographer starts with the in-school students, no late Transitional Learners will be taken.

Just a reminder, although parents may wait in the line with their children, parents are not allowed in the gym itself.  Also, please park on the South Arm Pool side of the parking lot (turn right) to minimize traffic for drop-off of in-school students.

Finally, please do not wear green on photo day!