Message from the Principal - Transitional Learning Update dated September 18, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians of Students in Transitional Learning,

Transitional learning will begin on Monday, September 21st.  Our staff and district-based Learning Services staff, will work together to provide continuity of learning for your child while he or she is engaging in transitional learning at home.

This program delivery may include a weekly or bi-weekly large group, district-provided webinar for certain curricular areas (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Arts, and French Immersion).  Some teachers may alternatively choose to have your child attend Zoom sessions where they will be watching in-class lessons.  You will also be receiving follow-up, weekly, learn-at-home activities for your child to complete with your support.  There will be parent information sessions and teacher touch-ins with Learning Services and school-based staff.

While each teaching cohort will individualize instruction to meet the needs of their classes, school-based cohort teachers will be: making the connection between home and school, conducting student check-ins based on the week’s activities, gathering evidence of student learning, and reporting student progress.  As attendance will be taken during on-line teaching time, it is important that your child attends and is on time.  Portfolios will be used to collect assignments for assessment purposes.  You will be receiving instructions on how to upload materials to your child’s portfolio.

Your child's weekly schedule of webinars, Zoom calls, and weekly plans will be distributed by our school staff to you via email prior to Monday.

Please see the attachment for a sample schedule.  Information from the library is also attached.

Have a great, hopefully smoke-free, weekend!



Rachael Corneil