IMPORTANT: Mandatory Daily Health Declaration

Dear Families,

Welcome (back) to Whiteside!  It's been lovely to see our students back today.

At school our first priority is the health of every member of our community.  To that end, every day before your child comes to school, you must review the questions in the attached Daily Health Declaration with your child.  Hardcopies will be sent home with the students currently attending school.  Please post it in a convenient location at home for quick reference (e.g., refrigerator, door, etc.).  Transitional Learning students must follow the same procedure when they return to school.

By now everyone should have received letters from their homeroom/division teachers.  Apologies for the email delays.  As well as general delays caused by overloading the system yesterday, Hotmail users were particularly affected.  If you would like to correct or update your email address, please contact with the new address and make sure to list all your children's names.

Best regards.