Welcome to Kindergarten - Update from the Principal dated September 4, 2020

Dear Kindergarten Parents/Guardians,
For those of you without students already here at Whiteside, welcome! For those of you who are returning, we are looking forward to seeing you and your families again. We understand that it has been a crazy year, and we are hoping to make the return to school as smooth as possible.
You will be receiving a welcome letter from your teachers next week, outlining important information about groups for gradual entry, drop-off and pick-up locations etc. if your child will be attending school in person, but we are attaching the revised gradual entry schedule for our kindergarten students so that you have some time to process the information. We understand that this is an exciting time, and want you to feel prepared. 
With this year starting differently for all students, the first day of school for kindergarten students attending in person will be Friday, September 11th.  Next week, you will learn whether your child is in group A or B, and what time they are to attend each day. The teachers will also be inviting you to participate in “welcoming conversations” to better understand the needs of your children.
Transitional Learning families will also receive a welcome letter introducing your children's teachers, however, they will be "starting school" on September 21st.  Your "welcoming conversations" will take place later than the in person families.
We are here to help you feel confident with the return to school. Please do not hesitate to email us at whiteside@sd38.bc.ca, if you have any questions.
Rachael Corneil