Thank you from Charlotte

Thank you!
It is an unforgettable journey for me in the past month. I was totally shocked I can be the finalist of The nicest Canadian Contest. It is such an hounor to me as I am an immigrant.  What I can do is humbled myself and feel grateful for this opportunity as finalists with other 9 amazing people who are totally deserved this title.
Thank you so much for the support in this journey, your votes, your share and your greetings, I am so overwhelmed. What I can do is saying THANK YOU.
Although I cannot bring $10,000 to Whiteside, I hope my story is still can be inspiration, a little tiny step can start a big journey. Whiteside needs all of you, I hope I can see more new faces in volunteering, everyone counted.
Thanks again for giving me a chance to share my story to you.
Charlotte Cheung
PAC Co-Chair