New Safety Precautions - Entering the School

Today, your children will be coming home with a letter regarding new procedures for adults entering the building. We need to implement these changes to keep everyone in the building safe.

We are asking:

1. If you are coming into the school and are expecting to walk past the front lobby, sign-in at the office and put on a visitor’s badge.

       When parents sign-in, we know who is in the building, which is important for two reasons:

       1)  It is necessary that office staff and teachers be able to see who enters the building.  If all adults enter through the front door, and sign in, an intruder will be easy to recognize. 

       2) We also have to account for the chance of a natural disaster. If someone has signed in, we know that they are in the building, and will be looked for if the need for a search arises.

2. Please say good-bye to your children before they enter the school or in the lobby. We are asking this for safety reasons and to foster independence. If there is a need to bring your child inside due to extreme circumstances, we ask that you come in through the front door and sign-in.

Students in:

Mme Leclerc’s class should enter through the front door at the beginning of the day and will leave through the outside door of the English kindergarten room (room 4) after school.

Ms. MacDonald’s class should enter through the front door at the beginning of the day. At the end of the day, they will be escorted to the door at the end of the short hall (by the portables) by Ms. MacDonald. You can pick them up outside that door.

Ms. Adams’ class can be dropped off at the front door OR at the outside door to the classroom at the beginning of the day. Students can be picked up at the outside door.

Ms. Kunc’s class should enter through the front door at the beginning of the day and can be picked up from the outside door of Ms. Adams’ class (room 3).

3. We are also asking parents to sign their child out at the office if they are being picked up for any reason. Again, this allows us to know who is on school property.

Starting on Monday, February 6th, staff members will ask all adults in the school without a visitor’s badge to return to the office, sign-in and receive a badge, and will ask parents to wait outside or in the front lobby.