School Closure Information

Many families and teachers today are waiting in apprehension for the proposal made by Sherry Elwood, the superintendent of the Richmond school district, to be made public. I wanted to clarify the process for those of you who were not at last night's PAC meeting. At 3:00 today, the proposal of Mrs. Elwood will be made public in preparation for Monday night's board meeting where she will present her proposal. This meeting will be at 7:00 on Monday, Sept 19th at the School Board Office. After listening to the proposal, board members will have until the board meeting on October the 17th to make a final decision around which schools are closing. At some point, between September 19th and October 17th, the board members will visit each of the schools proposed for closure to hear the thoughts of the community before making their final decision. Whether Whiteside is on the list or not, we need to remember that the closures will have an effect on all of our schools. There will be families in the community upset about the proposal, and schools that will need to prepare for the new distribution of students. Whatever the result of today's proposal is, we need to remember just how amazing Whiteside is as a community, and keep this energy strong.