Parking Lot Safety

To ensure the safety of students, it is important that parents who drive their children to school follow the outlined directions for traffic and parking.
• Drive slowly and cautiously
• Enter by the South Arm pool entrance only.  Please note for west bound traffic that no left turns are permitted from Williams into the Whiteside School entrance after 8:00 am (a sign is posted).
• Back into all stalls.
• Exit by the Whiteside School road.
• When parked near South Arm pool, exit through South Arm pool exit.
• Do not park in the Drop Off Lane. Stay with your car.
• Do not park in front of the school stairs and the adjacent “service only” spots, along the side of the  gym, along Whiteside School road and in the Staff Only parking lot.
• Don’t forget to wear your seat belt!!
• Bicycles may be ridden to and from school and parked in the designated area.  Bicycle safety rules should be followed at all times, including the wearing of bicycle helmets!  The school cannot assume responsibility for bicycles - students should keep them locked.
• Skateboards and rollerblades may be used to and from school but not on the playgrounds during school hours or in the parking lot.